Media Pack


The Western Africa Magazine family is privileged to introduce you to this edition of our Media Pack. Our network would certainly provide you an enviable service specially designed and complied to showcase your products and services in the best possible manner to our esteemed readers round the world. Equally we can package and feature your profile on our television programmes aired on any of the sky/cable networks from Africa, United Kingdom and USA etc.

Our magazine is produced from our headquarters in London, England and circulated throughout Europe, America, and the continent of Africa. We very recently commenced additional printing from New York to better serve the American market thereby expanding our coverage and readership.

Our greatest achievement is the quality and standard of our work; And that is why we pride ourselves as one of the best media prints throughout the continent of Africa.

Editorial Theme

As a news print material; the content of our magazine focuses on the issues that are designed to inspire development and growth within the continent; be it in People, Leadership and Politics, Industries and Agriculture, Cultural Heritage, Standard of Living, Governance, Infrastructure, Education and Training, Religion, Commerce and Trade, Banking and Finance, Health, NGO’s, Defence, Governmental Agencies, Inter-governmental Organisations, Africans in Diaspora, etc. Western Africa Magazine (WAM) is a beacon of light for positive change in Africa.


Our magazine targets mainly the business districts. The content is uniquely chosen and packed to meet the expectations of our distinguished readers made up of professionals from various works of life. WAM brings the people of the continent closer to the international community and vice versa. The distribution is hugely expanded with the additional printing that commenced in New York December 2011. The global distribution is upwards of 50,000 copies with a conservative projected readership of upwards of quarter of a million. This data is continuously on the increase as the reading culture of most of these African communities improves with all the enlightenment programmes initiated through the millennium Development Goals (MDG’s)

Western Africa Magazine Online

In line with the current expansion of our network of distribution, we are happy to announce the formal launch of the “Western Africa Magazine Online”. Like the print version, the online version will be the same publication in soft copy featured online. This idea has been floating within the production department for some time now. In addition the readership survey results have demanded this in the last couple of years. We have taken all these notices onboard and happy to announce the launch of the Western Africa magazine Online commenced December 2011.

The online version will give readers the access to browse and download columns of the magazine as maybe desired as opposed to the entire magazine. You can now purchase only the columns of the magazine that interest you the most and not having to carry the whole magazine. It also offers our readers the unique access to the previous editions from the archives by just a click of a button.

Online equally heightens the level of interaction amongst our readers, in view of the fact that the response and feedback process is much more simplified and effective. Readers are opportune to access the reaction of fellow readers instantaneously; and also able to share with and exchange views more easily than ever before. Just at the comfort of your seating you can browse the entire collection of all the Western Africa Magazine editions ever produced. Some of the old editions can be hard if not impossible to be seen in circulation from the vendors. You need not worry about that any longer!

Subscription is easier online; the whole process would be completed through very simple steps and you will never have to chase after the vendors and news stand or miss any edition of your favourite news print ever again.

The global development into e-book and e-commerce now demand that we stay on-top of the game to ensure we develop and package our news materials to meet these expectations especially within the western distribution. Some of the problems of logistics associated with the print version is minimised somewhat; hence our market drive for expansion is further enhanced.

Online version is better suited for multilingual integration; like never before people of different languages can now access our news materials in different languages at the same time at the comfort of their geographic location. This actually brings the whole-wide world into one easily accessible global village – distance and geographical location is no longer a deterrent to access to news circulation. This is the most singular hi-tech innovation in social and economic development of this century.

Our periodic readership survey would attain global reach especially adding to the launch of additional printing in New York for the American distribution from December 2011. Our circulation and global outreach is now greatly enhanced as a result.