Top Model of Colour 2010 Winners Announced


On Saturday the 27th November Nana Afua Antwi and Jason Daniel Best took the Top Model of Colour (TMC) 2010 crowns at the Grand Finale event which was held at Porchester Hall in West London.

The models took to the catwalk and were a vision of style and class in their elegant dresses and sharp suits. It was a fantastic evening and the calibre of this year’s contestants was very impressive; they conveyed passion and eagerness when showing off their modelling skills and were extremely confident on the runway, all with the makings of being great supermodels.

When asked what winning this heated competition meant to them, TMC 2010 Female Winner, Nana Afua Antwi said: “It means so much to me. It makes me feel so good inside – I can’t believe I’ve won! I’ve come such a long way, I’m so passionate about modelling, but it’s not been easy. When I was growing up I was never looked at as pretty, I was teased about my looks and my height. I still pursued being a model but I got lots of “no’s” and nearly gave up, but I stayed determined and decided to enter into the Top Model of Colour competition. The competition was fierce as the other models were stunning, they were hard competition. I was so shocked, but definitely pleased to win.”

TMC 2010 Male Winner, Jason Daniel Best said: “Winning means a lot to me, I’m very proud to have won against such high competition. I was really surprised to be announced the winner but I’m so pleased because I know that this will open doors for me as I pursue my future career as a model. I’ve only done a few modelling jobs, but really only took it seriously once I had entered the Top Model of Colour competition. The competition was tough, but for me this is where the hard work really starts and I’m going to work hard to succeed and take my modelling career to great heights.”

TMC creator Sola Oyebade was delighted with how far the models have come since their first audition to the grand finale night. Sola is looking forward to seeing how far Nana and Jason will go with their modelling careers and hopes they will be successful ambassadors of Models of Colour within the industry.

“Congratulations to all of the finalists that persevered and made it through to the grand finale. For the two TMC winners the work is just about to start as winning, believe it or not, is the easy bit. It is down to them to make their title work in their favour and take their modelling career to the next level. We will support them every step of the way as we want them to become models that others aspire to be like.”

TMC strives to raise the profile of models of colour so that seeing a diverse range of men and women on the covers of magazines, in catwalk shows and in advertising campaigns