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Western Africa Magazine (WAM) is a comprehensive print media that collates and reports news like never before. The latest news in Business, Politics, Commerce/Finance, Socio-Economics, Life/Living, Technology/Commerce, People, Sports, Entertainment, Women’s Forum, Religion, Africa’s Heritage, and Events, Etc.

WAM believes that Africa is certainly the land of hope in all expectations and therefore goes the extra mile in investigating and reporting on issues that motivates and attracts desirable change in Africa! So help O Lord!


The Western Africa [Magazine] and West African Times [Newspaper] aims to galvanize every accessible media apparatus to facilitate desirable development in Africa our mother land. Will you join hands with us?


Light shines to dismantle darkness, viable information would motivate positive transformation of Africa! Western Africa [Magazine] and West African Times [Newspaper] are the beacon of light for desired change in Africa.


Since the repackaging of Western Africa Magazine (WAM) in 2005, there has been many public presentations; most notably are the; 2007 African Diaspora Foundation (ADF) Peace Leadership Conference in Los Angeles - USA; 2007 African Union Conference in Cairo – Egypt; 2007 WAM launching in Abia State - Nigeria; 2006; 2007; 2008 Television presentation on Love World TV and BEN TV UK; to mention but a few!